Maitham Mohamed,
Lars Buttler

There are growing problems with the traditional free-to-play gaming model as highly extractive and often predatory strategies are used to maximise spending from the players.

Maitham and Lars founded Material10 to solve this. By introducing secondary markets and other systems that make multiplayer games increasingly more 'open economy', the games become far more scalable. The thesis is that these games can gradually transition towards a real digital nation with monetization models that are mutually beneficial for both games and players. This was fundamentally not possible over a year ago but, with the emergence of blockchain technology and a wave of new smart contract standards, this can be reliably done.

Currently, the team is working on its first midcore, hardcore multiplayer title, Project Fallen. A unique TPS meets RTS hybrid game with a vision of scaling the shooter-strategy hybrid genre whilst creating a completely new business model through making the game open economy.

Prior to founding Material10, Maitham worked at Nyan Heroes, OlympusDAO and Amazon building radically new economic systems only possible by leveraging blockchain tech. Lars is a games veteran executive with 20+ years of experience. He founded Trion Worlds where he led the development of several MMORPGs including Rift, Defiance, Trove. Trion Worlds raised $250M and was acquired by Gamigo in 2018. Prior to that, he was a VP at Electronic Arts.


Material10 is a gaming studio and publisher on a mission to redefine free-to-play gaming. They specialize in crafting competitive multiplayer games with player-centric open economies, challenging the status quo in the gaming industry.