Italo Casas

Ironforge revolutionizes development on Solana by making it easier to develop, deploy and maintain decentralized applications.

Ironforge's main product is a platform-as-a-service (“PaaS”) that abstracts away the blockchain-specific complexities of dApp development. This platform provides developers with ready-made APIs, continuous development features and automatic scaling. It allows developers to focus on creating the best product, not the best back end.

By making the Solana developer experience as seamless as building Web2 applications, Ironforge is able to significantly grow the market and attract the next generation of developers to build on top of Solana.

Before founding Ironforge, Italo built the most comprehensive guide for new Solana developers, Italo has over 8+ years of software engineering experience, at Lavu, Bankrate and the Node.js core team.