Merijn Terheggen,
TJ Ragsdale,
Christian Ringvold

A world we all want to live in is electrified. This world will rely on decentralized energy production and exchange. Merijn Terheggen, Christian Ringvold, and Teej Ragsdale founded Entheos with a desire to bring energy independence to communities around the globe and put power back into the hands of the people.

Entheos creates smart (AI) battery technology that lowers the upfront system cost (the system is completely inverterless) and has a 50% higher total energy efficiency.

By adding easy financing and exchange options for customers and investors, Entheos enables higher ROI and faster earn back times, unlocking large scale adoption of batteries and renewable energy.

Merijn previously founded leading cyber security platform HackerOne, which protects over 4 billion internet users. Christian founded LithiumWerks, a next generation renewable energy tech company (acquired by Reliance Industries). Teej built the Real World Assets group at MakerDAO, which currently generates over 80% of the revenues of the protocol and tokenized almost $1B in revenue generating assets.


Entheos aims to unlock energy independence at a global scale. To achieve this, Entheos is building a decentralized storage network, powered by smart batteries.