Garrett Maring

Engi's mission is to provide the global community of builders with an accessible exchange for engineering through an extensible open protocol.

For enterprises, Engi is an 'Engineering as a Service' offering. Affordable and scalable technical resources are available on-demand without having to incur additional hiring, on-boarding, or managerial overhead.
For professional software engineers, Engi is a permission-less, gig-style coding job marketplace where anyone, anywhere in the world, can work flexibly and build their skills in the technologies they love.

Thousands of developers now have access to the most equitable and dynamic labor economy ever built. Technology enterprises are able to scale their technical resources faster and more affordably than ever.

Garret previously coded for Big Tech (Apple - App Store), Hard Tech (Neurotech - Kernel), and small tech startups. He loved every moment writing software and solving interesting challenges, but hated all the rest of the 'noise' (commuting, whiteboard interviewing, “golden handcuffs” that take away developers' ability to have fun doing what they love). Engi is a better way: a reimagining, from first principles, of professional engineering that delivers a democratized and optimized future of global technical work and trade.